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'We drop everything for these boys': One Direction fans travel cross-country, sleep on subway grates

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY.com

Fans have been waiting for days to see the British pop sensation perform live on TODAY.

By Brandon Goodwin and Ian Sager, TODAY

And you thought waiting in line for the new iPhone was hardcore.

Fans of One Direction have been camping outside of 30 Rock since Thursday — a full six days before the British boy band is set to rock the plaza Tuesday morning and some of them have traveled a long way to get here.

"I’m from San Francisco. I’m missing a week of school to see One Direction in concert," college student Sonya Leung told TODAY.com. "I’m missing a test on Wednesday for One Direction. He [my professor] wouldn't let me take it in advance.”

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY.com

Sonya Leung, center, traveled from California (against the better judgement of her professor) to see One Direction.

Temple University student Maria Lawrence sang a similar tune.

“I had to skip out on a couple classes to be here,” she told TODAY.com.

“I YouTube them all of the time, I look them up on Twitter, and I just think they’re not only a great boy band but they love their fans and their fans love them like 10 times more than anybody else. They’re just awesome.”

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY.com

Regina Morris, left, and Maria Lawrence, both 21 years old and students at Temple University, decided to skip Monday classes in order to catch a train and see One Direction.

“My brother thinks I’m crazy. He’s like ‘How old are you?’ But it doesn't matter.”

New Jersey resident Jaclyn Rigon, 19, shared a similar determination to make it to the concert.

“I had to take a car, a bus, a boat and the subway to get here, because of what happened with the hurricane,” the Matawan resident explained.

Despite cutting class, skipping work and sleeping on top of a subway grate, Ringon, a skating coach, is steadfast in her belief that it's all worth it. 

“We drop everything for these boys."

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Brandon Goodwin and Ian Sager are editors for TODAY.com. Neither of them have waited on a line for more than a few hours.